What Is Little House of Science

Little House of Science is an in-school and after-school science workshop for children as young as 2 years. It was founded by three ladies – Veronika Covington, Liliana Crachilova and Elisabeth Keck. They wanted their own kids to find answers about how the world works in a fun and safe environment, which led to the birth of Little House of Science.

Making maths and science thrilling and attractive for children is not an easy task. But Little House of Science, just manage that by tapping into kids’ natural curiosity and their enthusiasm, with exciting experiments, interactive discussions and hands on experiments.Located in Central London and open six days a week, their curriculum includes diverse topics like: physics, chemistry, biology, mathsand engineering.They re-enforce the curiosity of children by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related subjects so that kids get connected to science at an early age.

Each project oriented lesson, introduces children to a new logical concept in a simplified and age adjusted way. The workshop or classes begins with a presentation followed by group discussion of the subject often combined by a video and practical demonstration. The later part of the workshop is devoted to practical work where children get the opportunity to discover more about the topic with hands on experiments. These workshops encourage children to ask questions and build self-confidence and problem solving skills.

The Classes Include

Little Discovery– Age group (6-24 months): Aimed to stimulate various senses through sounds and rhythms, colors and shapes and touch of materials and objects. They change the topic every week which includes: butterflies, bees, plants etc.

Little Maths – Age group (2-4 Years): weekly classes aims at incorporatingnumbers and math skills at an early stage. With a new topic each week, activities combined with music, shapes and color, help children to build confidence with numbers.

Little Science – Age group (3-8 years): A weekly science based projects and workshops which includes interactive sessions and experiments. All these are age-adjusted and conducted in small groups to maximize the individual attention. A take home project and parental notes are also included. The topics vary from gravity motion to the Human Heart, machines and scientists such as Isaac Newton and Galileo.

Big Science – Age group (8-11 years):Aims at deeper understanding of topics with analysis.Also build and nurture on whatthey already learned in school. Additional topics are added to deepen their understanding on Life Science, Earth and Engineering. This session includes learning materials, interactive talk, hands-on experiments, take home projects and parental notes. Their blend of techniques helps create a distinctive learning atmosphere, which stimulates children’s curiosity to learn more.

Each child has a scientist in them, Little House of Science gives the perfect platform for children to learn and hone their skills at a very young age. All classes are age adjusted, small groups and fun-filled which nurtures theircuriosity.